December 26, 2014 - A Prayer for the Newborn King

December 26, 2014 - A Prayer for the Newborn King
David Troxler

Psalm 72

The inscription above this psalm tells me it was authored by Solomon and the final verse of Psalm 72 states that this was the end of the prayers of David, son of Jesse. This psalm ends what is known as Book 2 of the psalms, the majority of book 2 ascribed to David. I include that information to suggest that while Solomon may have his name listed as its author; it was in David’s heart to pray such a prayer for his son upon ascending the throne of Israel as King.

However, as the scriptures seem to bear out repeatedly, this passage, while set in the period nearly one-thousand years before Christ applies directly to Christ as well. Could David, in his heart have envisioned the One, who centuries later, would assume the role of God’s Anointed Messiah, as King over all? Let’s just imagine for a moment, that was indeed the case!

This prayer certainly describes the plan of God for Christ. Moreover, consider what a tribute that the final words of David, were to pray for the reign of Christ!

How do you pray for the reign of Christ?

Will you collaborate with Christ to see the establishment of His Kingdom?

We, through the infilling of the Holy Spirit are called to do that. Not only called, but our Christmas gift from the Newborn King is being empowered by the Spirit to work for justice on His behalf.

Therefore, in your prayer for the reign of Christ, you are actually offering a prayer in which you participate as one of the subjects of the Kingdom.

Why not stop and pray right now?

Dear Jesus, as we renew the celebration of your birth in Bethlehem, may your Spirit be renewed in us.  Be formed in me personally, that my heart would be a proper throne on which you are to reign. Conform me to your purposes of justice and cause that same justice to be established forever. Thank you for the times in which you have delivered us from the needs of life. Call upon us to share with those in need that the fame of your name, your power and your love might be proclaimed in all the world. Establish your Kingdom not only as long as the sun and moon endure, but also for the duration of all eternity. Amen.