About Advent

For many, the word "Advent" brings back childhood memories of simple (or ornate) calendars which helped us mark the time until Christmas Day. While Advent is the season of the church year that immediately precedes Christmas, it need not simply be a season for marking time until December 25th. Indeed, it has historically been a season of preparation and anticipation, as we are not only reminded of the Babe who came in a manger, but about the King who is coming again.

This year, we invite you to join us on a sacred journey of preparation. Make time to join us each day... gather your children around the table... light an Advent Wreath... and share in the prayers and readings that you find on this site.  Each devotional is designed to take a few moments--we've linked to each day's scripture text, provided some thoughts, and offered a closing prayer or verse.

You could print the material and have each family member participate in reading a portion of the devotional aloud.  You could share in a discussion about the scriptures on the blog, or through social media.  Or you might print the material out and share it with your church or small group. Pastors can share this devotional with their congregations, as a unifying devotional program throughout the season.

However you choose to use Advent Longings, we pray that this devotional journey will bring about a sacred transformation of this season of the year.